What are the administrative costs at the United Way of Ulster County?
With only 3 full-time employees, United Way’s administrative costs are kept extremely low (5%) by using approximately 300 volunteers throughout the year.

How much of my contribution stays in Ulster County?
100%.  United Way pays dues to state and national associations (1% of income) but these are paid for by corporate, not individual donations.

Does my $1/week donation really make a difference?
With 81% of United Way donations coming from individual donors (and 19% coming from corporate gifts), every individual gift makes a tremendous difference.  If everyone in Ulster County gave $1/week, we would raise over $8,000,000!

Aren’t all United Ways the same?
The United Way of Ulster County is an independent, separately incorporated organization, governed by a local Board of Directors that determines and oversees all organizational policies and practices.  Although we share a name, all media accounts of other United Ways are unrelated to the United Way of Ulster County.