Program Evaluations

In order to receive United Way funding, programs must show proof of their impact in one of our seven target areas (which can be found in the Application Packet).

This is done in two ways:

  1. Evaluation of the program using appropriate, reliable, and efficient evaluation tools, and
  2. On-site visits performed by United Way volunteers and staff.

Program evaluation tools must measure the objectives indicated in the application.  United Way provides technical assistance, and if necessary, referral to program evaluation professionals, in order to assure that program evaluation tools effectively track impact.

Site visits are performed after one-year of funding, and include a 1-2 hour interview with program staff and participants, observation of programs in action, and a careful review of program documentation. A Site Visit Questionnaire and Documentation Checklist form the basis of the site visit.

Upon completion of a site visit, and review of program documentation, any issues of concern are communicated to the agency Executive Director who is required to respond, in writing, detailing the remedial steps that will be taken to address the concerns.