Adult Day Program

Woman_Caregiver_Web-300x198In the Adult Day Program, run by Always There Home Care, there was a particularly difficult client who was combative and aggressive due to her advancing dementia. However, one day when a professional musician came in with her guitar to sing to the group in a small, intimate setting, the staff noted that the client became calm and relaxed and then to the astonishment of staff, began to sing along, with the right words and tune, in a beautiful voice!  What a wonderful surprise!  Some staff, who had been working with her for years, were brought to tears.  It was a noteworthy day, and we are very grateful that the funds we receive from the United Way allow us to pursue this kind of therapeutic activity which has the potential to bring out those who are sometimes trapped by their diseases.

Recent studies have shown that familiar music played to patients and people with dementia can bring back memories, increase communication, and foster closer relationships between family members and their loved ones.  You may be interested in the recent documentary “Alive Inside” the winner of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award, which beautifully illustrates this.