Ulster Literacy Association


Harry has lived in Kingston with his wife and two children for eight years, working as a cook trainer for local chefs. We met Harry at our yard sale last year. He and his wife Nina bought a set of dishes. When they found out ULA could help them learn English for free, they immediately signed up. Harry’s goal was to read a book with his eight year old son. He found it difficult to read to his children in English. With the help of his tutor, Harry built up his confidence and skills until he felt ready.

He was nervous to read with his son – what if he stumbled over a word, or didn’t understand what he was reading, or just embarrassed them both?

But all his fears were for nothing – a few months later Harry proudly shared about the first time his son had sat on his lap while his dad read aloud to him – In English! That moment was a loving and magical one for both father and son, one that would not have happened without the patience of a reading tutor to help Harry learn to read.