Community Fund Volunteer

Community Fund Volunteers are responsible for reviewing requests for funding from local agencies, and performing site visits to funded programs to see them “in action”.

No prior knowledge is necessary to become a Community Fund Volunteer.  United Way provides training.  United Way welcomes volunteers with a variety of backgrounds and interests. The only restriction is that Community Fund Volunteers cannot be either board or staff members of any United Way member agency.

The time commitment for a Community Fund Volunteer is approximately 4-5 hours per week for approximately 8 weeks during the months of April and May. Site visits are done every other year, and the time commitment is 4-8 hours to perform 1-2 site visits.

For further information on becoming a Community Fund Volunteer contact Theresa Mulkins.

Being a Community Fund Volunteer has really opened my eyes to the wonderful resources that are available throughout Ulster County to help families and individuals in need. And it’s reassuring to know that my United Way donation has
a meaningful impact in the community.

Glynis Bunt, Senior Director, Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation