Celebration of HOPE

Tickets are now on sale for the Annual Celebration of HOPE award event. Each year, the Celebration of HOPE honors women in our community who serve as role-models, mentors and inspirations to others. Proceeds from the event raise money to provide scholarships to women in Ulster County who are continuing their education or working towards certification.

This year’s Celebration on HOPE brunch will take place at Diamond Mills in Saugerties on Sunday, June 11th from 11 am to 2 pm. Tickets are $65 per person. Sponsorships and program ads are still available.

This year’s honorees include:

  • Jennifer Alnwick, Sawyer Savings Bank
  • Deborah Ashokeji, Family of Woodstock/UC Family Court
  • Lisa Berger, UC Director of Tourism
  • Sue Books, SUNY New Paltz retired/RH Mentor
  • Sarah Cronk, House of Cronk/RH Mentor
  • Sarah Kramer-Harrison, UC Crime Victims Assistance Program
  • Lauren Trippodo, Lauren Trippodo Fitness
  • Theresa Widmann, Anahata/Radio Kingston

Please join us as we celebrate these incredible role models!

Click here for tickets.


Past Honorees


Lisa Brown

Jennifer Fabiano

Jessica Fish

Renée Gambino

Hillary Harvey

Stephanie Kresser

Peggy Schwartz

Kyle Steller



Cheryl Bowers

Becky Dawes

Angela Lynn Figurelli, Esq.

Linda Freeman

Sophie Halpern, LMSW

Dr. Mindy Kole

Kathleen P. Owitz, MS ED, SAS

Victoria Reed

Stephanie Richers, LCSW

Jon Rogers

Tara Sanders



Melissa L. Banks

Beth Barlow*

Casandra Beam

Ilana Lee Berger

Ingrid Kulick

Jody Mesches

Alexis Mills

Laura Schwarz*

Marsha Sebro Woods

Lauren W. Sheeley, Esq.



Helena Costakis

Celeste Graves

Meg Lachmann*

Victoria Langling

Kelly McMullen

Laurie Morris

Ellen Richards*

Linda Saccoman*



Lynn Bondar

Donna Nisha Cohen*

Anne Kelly

Ellen Pendegar

Connie Snyder

Stephanie Turco

DianaLou Danger-Wolff



Kimberlee Cahill

Carol Dexter

Helen Edelstein

Louise Flood

Andrea Park

Anezka Sebek*



Joan Crawford

Colleen Geraghty

Kathleen Moretti

Carla Paton*

Darlene Pfeiffer



Michelle Matin- Founding Support

Dyson Foundation- Financial Support

Eva Tenuto-Volunteer Support