Celebration of HOPE

Annual Celebration of HOPE on Radio Kingston and Facebook Live!


On October 29th Raising HOPE joined with Radio Kingston host Nadine Ferraro for the 2020 Celebration of HOPE on Radio Kingston 107.9 FM/1490 AM and Facebook LIVE.

Mentees and mentors shared stories of strength, perseverance, and success as participants relate their mentorship experiences. Featured guests included Radio Kingston hosts Theresa Widmann and Julie Novak; Beth Bengston, CEO/Founder of Working for Women TM , Raising HOPE program director, Amy Summers; and current Raising HOPE mentee/mentor

If you missed the event, you can watch the video of the event above to see it in its entirety, or watch clips from various testimonials of mentees and mentors below.

Carla & Jess – Raising HOPE Mentor and Mentee


Raising HOPE Mentee – Inno

Raising HOPE Mentee – Kelly

Raising HOPE Mentor – Laura

Raising HOPE Mentor – Renee